Series Shots OF Low Tide Zone Wandering Dig-in By The Chafer / Grass Grub Beetle

It was almost as if this thoroughly wet & beautiful golden Beetle needed a lengthy run-up to achieve in bulldozer fashion, what may amount to another dig-in. The above shots were taken over several minutes. Not being able to reach a conclusion as to quite which direction the beetle would take next, you will see my prints among the confusion. Many meters were covered by the chafer. Whether this little beetle was a trifle lost or simply confused in some inexplicable manner, or actually down that way to dig-in, beats me.

If this is a purposeful endeavor,  navigation /orientation could be achieved by flying down to the wet area of the low tide from the dunes, though on the other hand, orientation may be best activated from the journey being taken on ‘foot’. Who knows quite what is happening.

Tracing the tracks as far as was possible did indicate a short run of beetle prints in an east to west direction which is directly back to the sand dunes. Next time this walkabout is observed the beetle will be left to do its business in peace. Maybe it arrived down in the wet to submerge as does SSL.