Learning In An Altered State Of Mind & Anurida Granaria

Many months back while searching the web for ‘insects which glow’ I was privileged to meet on the web, a gentleman by the name of Terry Lynch who travelled far out of his way to assist me in the identification (and eventual study) of an insect which was discovered here in South New Brighton to be bioluminous.

Although this insect of less than 2 mm long is a rather numerous surface soil/leaf-litter dwelling creature around this planet we live on, (and particularly around your home more than likely; -there must be many thousands at our place) it’s bioluminescence or glow, like that of a firefly or glow worm, had not been recorded before; hence perhaps, no-one yet realised this curious quality in them, a fact which to this day I find a little difficult to accept.

That Maori in New Zealand hundreds of years ago, or even pre-Maori races, (should open scientific minds eventually validate the available information) did not disturb these insects at night and spot these tiny greenish sparks of light, is amazing is it not. That the children of that time, those most admirable of observers amongst us, did not thrill to the discovery as they disturbed a log or rock while playing in bush or around their homes, implies perhaps that the glowing tiny ones are either a secretive lot or maybe the ‘glowbuddies’ as they have come to be known, had not yet arrived in New Zealand via whatever means, be it flotsam and jetsam, construction timber on ships arriving in this country a very long time ago, as cargo on planes or even brought over on extraordinary winds from Australia. But then, even from afar, it was not known they glowed.

Having contacted Terry and been taken under his wing as it were, left this ‘lab assistant’ a very different person in the field of observation and learning than was the case beforehand. Terry’s many years of expertise in the field of bioluminescent study of fireflies in the USA prove beyond any doubt the dedication and natural aptitude this gentleman has, to expanding our knowledge of one of the wonders of the Natural world; creatures which miraculously glow.

What he had me doing would fill a large volume indeed and after dropping near everything for more than a year to assist in extensive, interesting and sleep- depriving experiments with Anurida granaria, our glowbuddy, in a blacked out garage which had become a lab, I saw Nature in a completely different light altogether.

Within three days Terry had a web site up and running sharing the glowbuddy phenomena with all, and allowing me to further my studies, and work with an expert in a reasonably professional manner. But that is another story, which if told here may never end…………

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