Getting Started in Earnest

Since the studies of the glowbuddies with Terry and feeling better equipped, armed that is with more appropriate knowledge of how to go about studying insects in a more thorough manner, the first task, (suggested by Terry) was to build something sufficiently effective in the ‘lab’ and conduct experiments to try and determine more precisely what it is these Larvae are up to. 

But first a letter to some Scarab type person. Typing in ‘Scarab’ into the computer brought up Te Papa in Wellington, so off went a letter to the team asking what gives with all this pretty odd insect behaviour and back came a letter: ‘…The Entomologists are baffled by your observations about the migratory Sand Scarabs’…

So it ends up Te Papa want a SS Larva sent up for identifying and ‘….please send it to Dr. Ricardo Palma…..’ who will have a look-see into the peculiar matter. One Larva was duly ‘rescued’ after roaming South Brighton beach for a mile or more (I roamed for that distance not SSL) and up it went in a film can full of wet sand,…  arriving well and truly dead.

Dr Palma opened it up in due course (which was several days on) and thrilled his colleagues no end by filling his working quarters with a most repulsive aroma. It is to be hoped by now all is forgiven.

Well after that stinky debacle a direct ‘command’ fluttered down this way from the vicinity of Te Papa that it may be best to keep a Larva until it pupates and hatches out into an adult Sand Scarab Beetle and then send that up for an easier, more positive ID.

Well now, ……… long does a Sand Scarab Larva live?