Mid-Winter. Southshore Sand Spit with Pegasus Bay on the right and Christchurch City to the left, beneath a layer of smog and fog, the former a severe problem yet to be sorted out in this city. Rapanui (Shag Rock) in the foreground stands a commanding guard to the entrance of the Estuary of the Avon & Heathcote Rivers/Ihutai,  with the Southern Alps just visible across the Canterbury Plains in the background. My apologies, – I don’t have a wide angle lens.

Photo angle advantage, courtesy of Arthur Pretty.

The tide in these pictures is not quite full out. The Sand Scarab Larva taken without its consent on Wednesday 8th of May, was situated somewhere in the middle of the tidal ‘pool’ outlet to the right.

Dr Patrick S. Dale mentions in his Thesis Notes that,- ‘larvae are particularly plentiful (at) Taumutu. (Lake Ellesmere) This is one area that will be interesting to investigating further in the future and I hope a few of you who may pop in here manage a trip out there as it is not at all far from Christchurch at only half an hours drive.