Diary: Wednesday 8th May 2002

Conditions at New Brighton

SUNRISE: – 7:28 am.

TIDE: – Low 7:51 am. (0.5m)

MOON: – Four days after last quarter.

‘Walked from here at South New Brighton to Shag Rock at the Spit. In the area of exposed sand which is the widest quite near Shag Rock, found 1 large SS Larva at 7:50. It can’t have been dug in for very long, perhaps 6:30 to 7:00 am? Thought the colder temperatures coming into Winter had these critters back into the dunes and buried for their over-Wintering. Managed to see the tracks almost right up the beach. Presume it came all the way from the dunes. Found a suitable small plant pot to fill with wet sand to use as a watery home for the big SSL. Saline drip set-up works ok but I have to keep an eye on it as the top reservoir of salt water, is larger than the bottom one at the moment. Garage could end up awash if I forget to check on things. Watched on and off during the day; hasn’t climbed out…….

First primitive saline drip in the 'lab'.

The top reservoir has an aquarium pump supplying continuous
fresh air into the base of the primary salt water source.

The outlet hose and tap are weighed down in place by a file. At this stage no filter exists.

‘……. pm. – saline drip clogged with sand in a tap. A column of sand near 2 centimetres high was formed on top of the sand container. (an unhappy Larva below) Blew down the tap and cleared it. It must have started surfacing when the salt water stopped flowing through the sand.
Left the lid off the Grass Grub Beetle’s home in the kitchen & it escaped into the computer room but I lost it. Boy there’s a million places to hide in here! Where would you go if one minute your dancing on the ceiling & the next your blinded by the light. Better watch where I walk.’