Diary: Monday 6th May 2002

‘A few SS Larvae active in the dunes. Dug out a few and replaced. Were only 70 mm down. ‘ ( 2.5 inches)

Diary: Tuesday 7th May 2002

Conditions at New Brighton

SUNRISE: – 7:27 am.

TIDE: – Low 7:08 am (0.5m)

MOON: – Three days after last quarter.

‘Walked beach. Two Grass Grub Beetle tracks, and one found live at 8 am. Waited ’round and took pics. Brought home to place under a saline drip of some sort. Will build this today. Found one SS Larva track in the wet sand area. It was not in the designated hole, must have returned to the dunes? Could have been half dug in and a gull found it and pulled it out by the bottom I guess. Much activity in dunes near Shag Rock.
What does the Grass Grub Beetle do?!

Finally built the aerated salt water tank along the advice Terry gave me back there awhile and set up a saline drip for the GG Beetle in an attempt to immitate the beach conditions. To Mitre 10 Hardware for bits and pieces (tiny garden irrigation taps and fittings) then knocked up a tiny glass cage for the golden Beetle, to fill with wet sand and place under a saline drip. It crawled out after an hour. Will give that idea a miss I think.