Diary: Sunday 21st April 2002

Conditions at New Brighton

SUNRISE: – 7:08 am

TIDE: – 4:53 am (0.5)

MOON: – A day after first quarter.

‘Bert the female cat woke me at 5:30. Walked to beach after a while. Found heaps in this order :-

(Everything observed today was located between the Sth New Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club and Bellamy Avenue; a distance of a few hundrd metres and all live Larvae were discovered in the low tide wet zone.)

  • One CP (caterpillar) track and another at Bellamy Street.
  • One live SSL. (Sand Scarab Larva)
  • One CP live.
  • Another SSL live in same area. This had exited half way up (or down) the beach presumably before dawn and moved on down to the wet sand area and was readying itself to dig in.
  • CP track.
  • SSL track.
  • CP track.
  • SSL track. (all about 3 cm long)
  • CP live. BIG figure of 8 at the waters edge. (4 metres dia.)

All above live grubs and caterpillars were detained, sunk into the sandpit in small containers of wet sand, given strict instructions to survive and flooded with sea water to overflowing.’