Diary: Friday 19th of April 2002

Conditions at New Brighton

SUNRISE: – 7:06 am.

TIDE: – Low 3:07 am (0.6m) High 9:28 am (2.0m)

MOON: – A day before first quarter.

‘6 am walked beach, not a good time, tide-wise, to search for travelling larvae. Saw much SSL and CP activity in dunes, also hedgehogs. Tuesday the 23rd next is a premium time for the correct tide in conjunction with the Sunrise.

Counted twenty seven tracks of SSL aiming straight to the sea and just as many on the dry sand at the base of the dunes which appeared disorganised. Wayward ones. Plenty of multiple loops leaving marks similar to a roll of number 8 wire, had one been thrown on the ground. Perhaps they perform some sort of dance for each other as do bees. Could simply be showing off to each other in slow motion.

Many ‘hog tracks aimed seawards………..tucker time!’