Diary: Sunday 12th of May

Conditions at New Brighton

SUNRISE: – 7:32 am.

TIDE: – 10:55 pm. (0.6m)

MOON: – Rise 6:50 am. Set 5:18pm. New Moon.

‘SSL is up out of wet sand! Somewhere between 6 pm and 9:05 pm (last two times I checked) Low tide is 10:55 pm. It definitely has the tide sussed. Sunset was 5:18 pm so it would probably wait ’til the tide had passed it on the way out, and then wait some more for safety’s sake, then surface to crawl the long haul back to the dunes. Could have popped up (in the lab) just before I came out for that last check at 9:05.

So submersion duration = Wednesday found at 7:50 am, (probably burrowed in at the low tide between 6:30 to 7 am) and surfaced in the ‘lab’ and dropped into outer container between 6 and 9:05 pm, = 4 days and 11 to 14 ½ hours. (near enough)

Yon rugged Larva was very rubbery and floppy when I picked it up to plonk in the new ‘home.’