Diary: Monday 25th March 2002

Conditions at New Brighton

SUNRISE: – 6:37 am.

TIDE: – Low 7:05 am (0.4m)

MOON: – Set 1:19 am, rise 4:54 pm. Four days before full Moon.

‘Found one SSL track, dug but gone back to dunes last night I guess. Tremendous amount of activity in dunes at bottom. ( seaward side) CP, SSL, and hedgehogs. At Waimari found a mature sand hopper out at wet sand area lying there wondering what to do next. Do some of these dig in too?! Photos. Tracks led straight back up beach a wee way.    

Collected fresh salt water to bring home. In the sandpit, the CP (caterpillar) that surfaced from the small container of wet sand, has been active during the night on the sandpit surface.’

The next day the caterpillar was still submerged in the small container of wet sand.