I’d like to thank Terrence A. Lynch the firefly expert from the USA for his help & advice in the assembly of the original site back last century.

Also a big thank you to Joe Dunning for saving my bacon more than once when I became stuck in a ‘web of misunderstanding’ shall we say. It seems I will never be computer literate.

A special thanks to all the educators for their assistance, clarification & identification at the University of Canterbury, Lincoln University & other teachers at learning institutions throughout New Zealand who put up with my sometimes poor photographic efforts & my incessant questions which never seemed to have any end.

Before I forget, a big thank you to my wife Helen for coping well with my deep-into-the-night garage laboratory excursions at absurd hours.  I do not forget my cat friend Bert, who somehow, on one occasion, awoke me at the appropriate time to continue my studious endeavors in the ‘laboratory’.