Diary: Sunday 17th March 2002

Amazing SSL activity between dunes and high tide.
Also hedgehog tracks leading down to the sea, I wonder why?!

Diary: Thursday 21st March 2002

Conditions at New Brighton

SUNRISE: – 6:32 am.

TIDE: – Low 3:28 am. (0.7m)

MOON: – Rise 1:16 pm, Set 10:23 pm. Moon is a day before the first quarter.

‘Beat the alarm by an hr and cruised back to dreamsville ’til just before 6- got up full of anticipation, grabbed the new alarm clock, closed the bedroom door quietly, took it into the kitchen and squished it before the silly rooster crowed at 6 am. Awoken feeling quite ‘tidy’, perhaps all of that mess in the head had been stacked packed and stowed away in a more orderly fashion by some nocturnal cleaner. Washed and didn’t bother to shave and filled a small flask with coffee – took off. The sun up at 6:32 and arrived at beach 6:30 just in time to find a few tracks only a few feet long at the edge of the water’s lap and the tide in.

Four sets at the Sth New Brighton Surf Life-Saving Club and down towards Beatty Street, another four. This time took a few pics with a stick as a marker. All but one set of larvae were very young juveniles. (or another smaller type of larvae other than the large Pericoptus truncata.) So they were at it again, thank heavens for that, the thought that the larvae had ceased their activities for the onset of Winter’s cooler months had brought some dismay, now things looked all set to procure a few SSL from the waters edge at low tide in a few days: Sunday the 24th of March being the optimal time but the days preceding that are just as important.

Up near base of dunes found more larvae activity along with beetle prints, and many hedgehog tracks clearly defined, ending in a flurry of paw marks, obviously successful in obtaining a nocturnal feast from what looked like some pretty hefty SS Larvae.

First stick (marker) shots were at 6:30 and second 6:45 am. Found a 1 metre length of 150×150 mm (6×6 inch) hardwood with one side smothered in yellow goose barnacles so took a pic. Where Beatty St ended in the sand-hills, walked back over to car only to find it not there! Then remembered had parked at the surf club. Left beach to two young lovers strolling by and there out to sea was Tim and his co-worker on the start of their crab pot run up Pegasus Bay. Seas had been smooth for a while now apart from the small chop drawn up by the mild mannered cut. Can’t wait ’til tomorrow’.