Credit Where It's Due

This page was built especially for my endearing & fascinating friends the beach insects, whose company I have had the pleasure of enjoying lately, during numerous very early morning walks at South Brighton an outer suburb of Christchurch in New Zealand.

I am quite certain they would personally wish you to observe & enjoy their most exceptional, distinguished & literally death defying habits a phenomena that may be espied twice a month during daylight hours over several days in the early morning & perhaps of an evening before darkness.  

I hope you will acquire for yourselves a considerable measure of appreciation & recognition for the amount of time in their lives they spend performing what can only be described as ‘Herculean Maritime Exploits’.

Naturally this site was also built with human beings in mind so that all data gathered herein, mostly in diary form from ocean-side walks may be shared & I hope these newly unearthed habits of the nocturnal beach dwelling insects extraordinary behaviour inspires you enough to begin your own observations, experiments or photographic adventures.

Photos & illustrations are placed on-site describing how the system works in the ‘lab’ here at home in the garage should you wish to duplicate my experiments & evaluate new data.You may discover fresh findings of your own in which case sharing relative information with the Universities throughout New Zealand would be a good idea.

‘Lab’ trials have only recently begun here at home (Tuesday 7th May 2002) Who knows, you may come up with better & easier arrangements or designs than those employed by myself. Most of these were fairly rushed, spur of the moment ideas applying the make-&-mend method (or recycling) & whatever was needed, was usually constructed the same day the idea entered my head, (or out of instant necessity) to accommodate beach critters findings of that day. 

As time went on, old prototype systems employed in the Lab were replaced with more efficient methods. The original filter for example was fashioned in some haste using a tiny plastic test tube, silicon sealer,  garden irrigation components & a ball of cotton wool, but continual blockages necessitated another & yet another, until the final type was settled for.

Investigations into the reasons why several beach critters have been found burrowing down several centimeters into the low tide area (the permanently salt-water saturated sand) have only just begun. e.g. how many do this? Do others, not actually from the beach perform this little miracle? And why should they find the need to do so in the first instance?

The concept is to have others apply their own methods of observation & perhaps experiment at home also, to see what can be established.
Fresh information about our little friends habits , is after all, what we are after.

You may even decide to camp out one night on a secluded beach & observe that way: make an adventure of it.
Somewhere pleasant, quiet & away from all vehicle noise. Few, get to go even 24 hours amidst total natural environmental sounds without cars & trucks in the background. Most never do, or when they do, they are non compos mentis!  (asleep)