A Few New Zealand Insects And Their Stories.

These are the interesting stories of a few New Zealand seaside insects & their newly discovered habitats. The creatures pictured on this particular page are detailed in diary form, with links under the diary index menu.

     In 1987 my wife & I altered course from renting on Christchurch city’s fringe, to renting farther afield at South Brighton, here in the South Island of New Zealand.

Only 2 blocks from the sea, it was the best move we ever made in Christchurch & later, we ended up buying & rectifying somewhat, the old 1912 polite bach previously owned by our landlord & friend Alan R. Wright formerly associated with Wright & Co (bottling) Kodo, Christchurch.

Observing tracks of animals & birds or whatever else, on sandy beaches has always drawn me to ponder their origin & as a result of the frequent very early morning beach walks, the accidental discoveries on this site evolved to become recorded in a diary. Later I was persuaded by interested parties to reproduce the diary onto a website for public dissemination & so become a ‘modern person’.

The site was also created to be used as a ‘workshop/garage /spare-room how-to’ guide & a reference base for all who may be interested in marine locale critters that enjoy defying death & burying themselves in saltwater for a few days, periodically. 

Maybe you reside near a sandy beach & want to rise early to watch them either delivering themselves into the hands of Davey Jones for a few days, or see them returning to the sand hills alive & well, to burrow down into the sand once more.  

The phases, dates & times relating to sun moon & tides will furnish you with enough info to perform your own experiments should you wish to do so.  And if you do, I hope you have a lot of fun.  –  Graham East

The Kids On My Block

These landlubbers are currently on the ‘MOST WANTED INFORMATION’ list in South New Brighton, New Zealand.

Mumutawa, the Larva of the Sand Scarab Beetle,
Pericoptus truncata?
(and quite possibly other Scarab Beetle species?)

Larva or Caterpillar of an Endemic New Zealand Moth, (Agrotis innominata Hudson.)
or Sand Cutworm.

a Chafer-Grass Grub Beetle.

Sand Hopper?

and possibly a species of Sand Hopper?